Home support for your little ones

30second videos to support & empower parents •Teacher making learning fun •Home learning tips •Bridging the gap between school & home

  • Parenting support

    There is no manual when
    you become a parent
    and sometimes a little
    guidance can make a big
    difference. We take a
    holistic approach when
    working with children and
    families. Together we
    can build a plan to get
    you and your family back
    on track and thriving. Get
    in touch if you would like
    some support with the


    • Developing your relationship with your child

    • Bedtime strategies

    • Behaviour support

    • Creating an environment where children can thrive


    Telephone consultation-
    1 session- 500AED
    (Online available)

  • Home tutoring

    Home tutoring sessions
    offer a personalised
    teaching experience that
    guarantees to get your
    child to reach their goal.
    The session is tailored to
    meet the individual
    needs of each child.
    Every lesson is taught in
    a fun, practical and
    engaging way to ensure
    that the students enjoy
    the session and fully
    understand the concepts.
    As well as academic
    success the sessions
    also aim to develop a
    love of learning and to
    build children’s

    In person- 210-280AED
    per hour (Depending on
    amount of sessions

  • Online tutoring

    Online tutoring offers the
    same benefits as home
    tutoring however the
    sessions are conducted
    online. The lessons are
    still as engaging and fun
    for the children.

    Online- 170-240AED per
    hour (Depending on
    amount of sessions
    Ages: 4-8years

  • Online group tutoring

    Get in touch for more info
    on the specific classes on


Want to find out more?
Mother and Child

Ankita Mehta

Ms Cassie’s teaching
methodology, creativity, patience, and most of all her passion for teaching made my daughter’s learning experience full of positivity and growth. She was excited to learn new things. Good teacher = Happy child =Happy parents-

Young woman with Tattoo

Reham Ashraf

I like your sessions a lot. My child is diagnosed with ADHD although he is going to as pecialized centre for sessions. I found your essions very helpful for me as a parent as it aims to educate the parent in the right scientific way to deal with their children. Thank you for your efforts.

Teacher and Pupil

Ritchie Chitongco

Miss Cassie has been a very good Teacher to my daughter Chloe.  I have seen the improvement in her from the time she started with Miss Cassie, from a shy little girl to
a confident, smarter, and happier child. More than the academic learning, what I have seen that has impacted Chloe so much is the improvement on her EQ
(emotional quotient) which I value and appreciate the most about how Miss Cassie instilled with the   kids.

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3rd Parties
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