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High-end Carpentry service

Our carpenters take pride in the quality of work they provide. Have years of experience working with a variety of materials our team will do their best to meet your requirements in a professional and timely manner.

Whether living in an apartment or villa, if you require minor maintenance, repair or refurbishment, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’ll dispatch our carpenters at the earliest convenience.

White Picket Fence


The wooden fence around your boundary is the key to your privacy and increases your level of security as well. As such, it is important to fix the wooden fence and keep it in good shape. Wooden fence repair can be caused by various reasons like a heavy storm, exposure to Dubai’s harsh summer or even physical factors like impact.

We can keep the outside of your home looking great, your garden private and your security in place.

Stones with cement



Brand New Kitchen

Kitchen Cupboards

Cabinets are the most necessary portion where we put all of our kitchen stuff. Sometimes replacing the kitchen cabinets can be the best option than replacing the whole kitchen. If you want to change all of your kitchens, it takes a lot of money to spend for making a new kitchen, what if we help you to change your kitchen cabinets in half price then the changing it all? We also can change the kitchen cupboards and many other little things of your kitchen.

Feather & Flower Tiles



outdoor furniture chairs

Furniture Repair


Green Wall

Gypsum Repair

We also offer the beautiful and the sophisticated ceiling to you. Wall gypsum work with various types of the specification is offered. We also give our customer the affordable price that is why we are accessible

Home Entrance

Door Repair


Ceiling Cornice

Ceiling Repair

Giving the stunning look to your ceiling. We provide the best ceiling workers team in Dubai. And you are no longer required to get worried about broken or old ceiling Our professional and qualified team ensures quality  and offers a lot of choices to the interior designer for choosing


Superb cleaning service but also great customer service! My stroller was returned within 2 days looking brand new. Needless to say I highly recommend:)

Absolutely love their customer service and their cleaning/repairing service. We've been given them our strollers and car seat for cleaning and was super happy with everything. They take your car seat/stroller when it's so dirty and unmanageable to clean at home and deliver it back to you so clean as if it is brand new!

Fantastic service! The tyre on our pram has a puncture and they came out to our house the same day and fixed it for us! Would highly recommend them and will be using them in the future!

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