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Enrich Playtime

As a full time working mum I struggle daily with the mum guilt of leaving my children with my nanny while I work. You always ask yourself are they just being left to watch television/play on their iPad, are they getting the right sort of play and attention? I think these questions are very common which is why I have created this course for your nanny/care giver to give you more piece of mind. 

Image by Sandra Seitamaa

Open Ended Play

Have you heard of the phrase "Open Ended Play" Once you have discovered play like this you 

Image by Paige Cody

Montessori Focus

Decluttering before a baby arrives will connect you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to the space around you, ready to become a parent.


I can help with: ​sorting out what's what, functional layouts, arranging your furniture, practical storage and colour palates

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Resource booklet

Whether you are new to Montessori and want more understanding or just don't have the time to source and implement your wants, I can help transform your playroom into a magical inspiring space. 

It can be just one room or the whole house.

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