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Air conditioning units are the most important systems in your home. We rely on them to provide a cool environment for our families to thrive in; hence an Air Conditioner Service is a necessity and should be considered a number of times throughout the year.

AC Duct Cleaning

Over time, your AC ducts fill up with variety of contaminants which may include hair, dust, sand, skin cells, fur, fibers etc. This build-up can result in a number of bacteria’s and mold forming in the AC ducts and are well known to be the cause of respiratory illnesses and Asthma attacks.


AED 650
(Per Unit) 

AC Coil Cleaning

Many believe that in order to improve the air flow and efficiency of their AC units they simply need to clean their AC filters. However, your AC unit comprises of an AC evaporator coil which accumulate dust and dirt over time. A blocked evaporator coil will increase your electrical bill as the system struggles to cool your home.


AED 850

AC Repair

An air conditioner unit is a mechanical system comprising a number of working components including fan motors, capacitors, compressors, thermostats and actuators. At times, if a system is either not maintained correctly or is just a number of years old, any of these parts can fail.

AED 200

(Per Hour)

AC Service

Air Conditioning units are a mechanical system comprising a number of working components including fan motors, capacitors, compressors, thermostats, actuators and require annual maintenance just like your vehicle’s engine.

Starts from AED 250

(price per unit)


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These guys are fantastic. I’ve been with them for the last 3 years. Never once have they let me down. They always come on time and get the problem repaired.
Even after last nights heavy rain when we had a power failure. I called at 6am. They answered and sent their engineers over.

Excellent, experienced staff - good value and great service

Would highly recommend MHM. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Both Jeffrey and Gemma in customer service are always available to help. Great company with reasonably price maintence packages

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