We will start by share a quick questionnaire to fully understand your needs. We will then provide you with a detailed presentation full of inspiration for your room, with images and prices. All the items you would like to order will be done directly by us saving you so much time and energy. 

Baby's Room

What does it include

Well this is really up to you... we can share details of anything from our custom made furniture right down to room decor, cushions, play mats, lights, wall decor and even toys.

If you have images of what you are looking for 99% of the time we can source and matching exactly for you.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Mother and Child


We don't just decorate a room but focus on giving your space functionality, a room both you and your little one will love and thrive in. We can source everything for you from the table and chairs, play rug and even all the toys. Make decorating your room easier and drop us a message to find out more

The Cost

The below 6 stages

One off cost | No hidden Extras

500 AED 

Make decorating your room easier Drop us a message to find out more


Reema Ward

"My daughters room is just perfect - its exactly what I wanted"

Lianne Brown

"Having someone come to your home, give you advise, source all the items you want, make any customer made furniture and then have them all delivered is a dream!"

Cristina Rodrigues

"Im a working mum and unfortunately don't have the time to travel all around Dubai trying to find what im looking for -this service was so easy and professional" 

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