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  • In 2016, Sebra Interior acquired the rights to the Juno bed, which was originally designed by Viggo Einfeldt in 1942–43, and relaunched the classic, timeless and beautiful bed under the name ‘the Sebra Bed’. The design of the bed therefore celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2017. The bed was originally known as “the bed that grows with your child” – a slogan that is indeed true, as it is a functional bed with a pull-out function which allows the bed to be used by a child through several stages of childhood, from baby to junior (155 cm). This ensures longer use and benefits your child, the family and the environment. The Juno bed distinguishes itself by being one of the first, if not the first, cot which focuses on your child’s safety. The safety element is thus part of the bed’s DNA. But although the Juno bed was a good, safe bed which was passed down from generation to generation at the time and has been over the years, Viggo Einfeldt’s original design no longer lives up to today’s strict safety requirements.
  • Sebra Interior has therefore adapted the bed and its functionality somewhat in relation to the original design, both in order to meet the current standards for cots and to accommodate the parents of today. One improvement is the adjustable base, which makes it easier to lift your child out of and put them into the bed during their first few months. The adjustable base makes it easier to get a good and safe grip when picking up your infant, while also allowing you to better support your infant’s back and neck when it is time to sleep, because the distance to the bed is lessened – making it safer for your child and better for your back. When your child starts to show signs of being able to get into a sitting or crawling position, the base of the bed can be lowered.
  • The bed’s distinctive and handcrafted cot sides and gables provide safety for your child during its first year of life and ensure that your child does not roll out when it begins to move more, sit or stand upright. The bars of the bed have been cut at the bottom to create a slope, which means that your child cannot get a foothold and climb/fall over the edge of the bed. The mounting of the sides, which can be removed when your child can climb out of bed, has been made more user-friendly compared to the original design.
  • The many different combinations allow you to constantly find new ways to use the bed, which was one of Viggo Einfeldt’s original ideas behind the Juno bed. The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr., comes in two different kinds of wood and multiple colours. This edition is in the classic and timeless colour Classic White, which makes it ideal for every nursery and as a bed that can be passed down from generation to generation, just as the Juno bed was. The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr. is treated with an antibacterial, environmentally friendly and non-toxic paint, ensuring a cleaner indoor environment and protection of your child’s health. Microbiological silver ions, primarily used in the healthcare sector, break down and prevent micro-organisms from growing and therefore reduce the spread of bacteria. The wood paint is independently tested in accordance with the restrictive JIS Z 2801 standards, including for E. coli bacteria. The paint has been tested and approved in accordance with REACH. The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr. meets the safety requirements of DS/EN 716-1 + A1:2013.
  • The piece of furniture comes unassembled and is easily assembled by following the accompanying instructions, which should be stored for later use.
  • The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr. has been designed for children from birth up to 155 cm.
  • The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr. matches the other furniture from the Sebra Furniture Family, which is characterised by soft, rounded corners and a timeless, classic and Scandinavian appearance. The Sebra Mattress can be purchased separately and in several versions. Accessories are also available, including sheets, bed wetting sheets and the Sebra Mattress Pad.

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