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  • The Sebra Mattress, Classic is a two-part special mattress with rounded corners so that the mattress fits The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr., both at the infant stage and when it has been extended to the junior bed size. Use the largest mattress piece during the first stage and add the little extra piece to the foot of the bed when the bed is pulled out to become a junior bed.
  • The Sebra Mattress Classic consists of a fixed and breathable cold foam mattress made from the flexible material 20H (Polyether foam – PU), which is characterised by a high load-carrying capacity and long service life, making it particularly suitable for comfort products. 20H meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
  • On the underside of the mattress is a wool layer, which ensures that cold does not rise through the mattress. The wool has unique temperature-regulating properties and is odour and bacteria-resistant.
  • Size: 112.5 x 70 x 8cm / Extension Piece Size: 42.5 x 70 x 8cm The mattress is covered with a quilted cotton velour cover with the Sebra Interior logo which is machine washable at 40 degrees. Each mattress piece has a YKK zip fastener, making removal easy. The cover has been treated with the OEKO-TEX®-listed treatment Sanitized® T 11-15, which offers effective antibacterial action to protect against many kinds of bacteria and some kinds of micro-fungi and yeasts. The treatment also reduces the development of odour caused by bacteria.
  • The mattress has been designed to be able to follow your child’s development and The Sebra Bed, Baby & j for the first many years of their life, and you can extend the life of the mattress if you maintain it and take good care of it.
  • Use a mattress pad and, if needed, a bed wetting sheet to protect the mattress from urine, regurgitation, saliva, vomit and sweat.
  • Rotate the largest mattress piece (in particular) 2–4 times a year so the head and foot are reversed and the mattress does not get heavily formed by your child's anatomy.
  • Vacuum the mattress occasionally to prevent dust and dirt from entering, and remember to air out the room.
  • We recommend not handing down mattresses from child to child for hygienic and physiological reasons.

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