Mini-Workshop: Importance of Play

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Learning through play with a one on one zoom call for 1 hour.

Why learning through is so important:

  • During play children increase their knowledge and understanding of self, others, and the physical world around them.
  • Research on cognitive development and the brain show us that young children learn by constructing knowledge or wiring the brain in a more physical and interactive way, involving all of the senses.

There are so many ways to support learning through play at any age but some times it can be overwhelming and you don't know where to begin so this mini-workshop will help and facilitate

Types of play we will discuss and talk about:

  1. Physical Play
  2. Play with Objects
  3. Symbolic Play
  4. Games with Rules

This Mini-Workshop will help your child with the below:

  1. Practice counting skills
  2. Practice letter formation
  3. Write simple words
  4. Work as a team
  5. Make music
  6. Calculate addition sums

Learn how to support play at home:

  • Give space and time for play.
  • Offer simple play materials drawn from household objects.
  • Encourage outdoor adventures: run, climb, find secret places, use sticks, mud, twigs, etc.
  • A good toy is 10 percent toy and 90 percent child.
  • Minimise time spent in adult organised activities and exposure to screen based media.
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