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Waterworks - Pipeline

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Brand: Tiger Tribe
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  • Let your little ones soak up some quality time in the bath with our brand new Waterworks - Pipeline.
  • Pour water through the top of the head of this multi-layered toy for an early childhood lesson in water exploration. Watch as the water flows through the pipes, turn the valves on and off to stop and start the flow, swap the 11 key pieces around and change their direction, where will the water flow next?
  • And watch the ball rise and fall with changing water levels. Who knew cause and effect could be so much fun?
  • Waterworks - Pipelines provides multiple interactive water explorations and develops key STEAM skills including
    • problem solving
    • creative thinking
    • critical analysis
    • independent thinking
    • testing and exploring

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This item is sold via a 3rd party so please allow us 2-3 working days to arrange the paperwork, collection from warehouse, packaging and then delivery direct to you. If same day delivery is required please do let us know and we can arrange. (Depending on the item and time of day the cost might increase.)

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We do our very best to keep stock up to date but as a small business unfortunately we cannot manage this daily. If something is out of stock and you have you placed your order we apologize and will offer a full refund.

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Hand selected by a mum for mums – all products have been tested and endorsed by the owner
Beautiful crafted product
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