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Mumz & Munchkinz 

On our website you can shop a mixture of our own unique brand and beautiful hand selected, 3rd party brands that compliment our offering and provide you, the customer, with more choice.


Our own brand can be broken down into three separate parts: Custom Made Furniture, Custom Made Soft Furnishing and Home Decor. The idea is to work direct with each customer and offer them beautiful bespoke options. 


We have given you the choice to order direct of the website or your can request a quote to have some special and unique made exclusively for you. 


Custom Made Furniture

We can custom made any furniture, bed, storage unit or role play units exclusively for you. 

We believe in learning through play and we focus on the Montessori approach. We also believe that the home is the most important environment for learning and development - It is where children build their foundation--how to sit, stand, walk, sleep, eat, and dress. Children learn naturally in an environment where they have access to the right tools; an environment that is just their size.

Our core range includes montistorri house beds, storage units and creative and beautiful role play units. 

a happy funny children paint with paint.

Custom Made

Soft Furnishing

We work direct with a manufacture, based here in Dubai, to create custom made and bespoke soft furnishing.


We have the means to create any design in a number of fabric prints and designs any things from custom made tents to fit over our popular house beds, to baby bumpers and besoke cushions and covers to fit specific areas. 

Child's room interior with comfortable b

Home Decor

We have also created our own line of beautiful soft furnithsing for nurserys and playroom and chic home decor. Expect quality and luxuary and timeless peices that are meant to last. 


Our collection includes a wide range of stylish tents, stunning conopys, poofs, cushions, playmats, rugs, wall mounts, unique garlands and so much more. 

As these are not custom made you can order these direct and receive delivery the very next day.

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