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A Small, Short, Tiny Blog on a Small, Short, Tiny Garment - The BabyGrow.

What a minefield who would have thought that buying a BabyGrow could be so complicated and confusing!!!

First of all you have the different names: Bodysuits, Sleepsuits, BabyGrows, Vests - some with sleeves, some with legs others not and most important poppers or zips.

Having made the choice of which outfit you then have to go with fabric - cotton fabric is the most popular choice for children and baby apparel. Cotton is soft and highly absorbent and is gentle against baby's skin. Organic fabric and cotton organic fabric in particular as this is grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers and therefore is the perfect choice for your baby.

Once you have chosen the fabric you then have to decide on the pattern - do you go traditional and stay white or choose some of these modern monochrome designs.

My advice and this is speaking as a mother of twin girls - BabyGrows with legs and arms are perfect for day and nighttime. Zips against poppers every time. When you have two babies to change in the middle of the night I swear those poppers use to multiply - zips are just so much easier especially for your baby as changing takes less time and is so much easier.

Fabrics and patterns are a personal choice but I love to see babies in colourful outfits and the patterns can be so much fun as you can see from the examples below.

If you are looking for gifts for a Baby Shower or for a new born, BabyGrows will always be useful and appreciated. Take a look at the pictures below and have some fun - make up your own logo ..................... make a point or just print a nice, loving message.

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Hannah Pierce
Hannah Pierce
04 sept 2020

As a mum of twins we only use zip babygrows

Me gusta
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