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How to Decorate your House Bed

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

When we deliver the below beautiful, custom made House Beds, we always get asked "how can we decorate this house bed?" So I thought it was time to put together a post with some fabulous inspiration and also links to these products online.

See below the links to the products we are Selling on Mumz and Munchkinz:

If you are looking for a fitted, made to measure fabric roof then this is then something we can also do for you. Please message us with the size of your bed, the designs you like and what color you prefer and we will source for you - to save you a lot of time and trouble. We only work with the best tailors so can guarantee a great quality finish.

We work with 100s of suppliers so if you are looking for something you can't see above please get in touch and we can order in especially for you.

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