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How to Pack a School Lunch with a Punch

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

"Back to school" is a very special time especially right now but with the good bits, there are always not so good bits like deciding what to put into your child's lunch box!

We all know that we "eat with our eyes" - food must look good before we eat it and especially so with children. Citron has literally got that covered starting with their selection of adorable thermal lunch bags. These bags have a removable padded shoulder strap, a bottle holder and can be washed in the machine.

Children love to play so why not keep them busy on the journey to school letting them guess what shape their sandwiches are that day - prizes will be given for the correct guess on the way home! Using Citron's cute sandwiches cutters children too can get involved in making their own lunches too - also these cutters are great for kiddies parties!

The Citron lunch boxes with their separate compartments are perfect for packing food items individually and let the kids take control of their meal. Each lunch box comes with a set of alphabetical stickers so you can not only personalize each container but choose from 16 different themes.

Slice up some cheese and fruits, then add a hummus dip on the side along with crackers, add extra fruit for a splash of colour. All they need to do is mix and match!

Remember that lunch can be anything, not just sandwiches. Try wrapping favorites in tortillas, or use pitta bread - make them extra tasty by frying them in gooey melted cheese.

It is a lovely touch to add little notes in your child's lunch box - use some motivational messages and ideas for playtime.

See this link to download these awesome ideas and have fun :)

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