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The Best Ikea Kids Kitchen Hacks

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Inspiration on what you might want your dream mini kitchen to look like:

Here is the basic Ikea Kitchen:

We will transform your simple Ikea kitchen into the mini kitchen of your dreams.

The inspiration:

We can customize any element from the below:

  • Kitchen counter top - can be painted in any colour of covered in vinyl

  • Side Panels

  • Cupboards

  • Shelves

  • Knobs/Handles - We can swap current handles and custom make from wood or swap with customers choice

  • Tap/Sink - We can spray paint in white/gold/silver & black to replicate chrome or brass etc.

  • Hanging rail for appliances - We can spray paint in white/gold/silver & black

  • Back board - We can add chalk paint, wall paper or vinyl tiles

  • Legs and event the leg reinforcement

Starting price: 695 AED

*For kitchen and custom made DIY

See more details here

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