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Marvellous, Make-believe, Messy and Mucky - Mud Kitchens

Mud Kitchens are designed to encourage children to get back to playing outside with nature. Today’s child is often seen watching TV or playing games on a computer, therefore, it has never been so important to get them to use imaginary play and be outside.

Mud Kitchens are great fun but they also help your child to be creative and gives them the opportunity to learn through play. Nearly all kids are drawn to mud and messy play.

Creating things with mud and playing outside can:

  • encourage creative thinking

  • develop positive temperaments

  • improve cognitive function

  • builds healthy immune systems

Below are some ideas of the different styles of "kitchens" - colours, types of wood, and by adding some of the many interesting accessories can really customize your child's toy.

We love making new designs and can custom make any style and size so please do get in touch with your requests. Call Hannah direct on: (+971) 0552866910

See here the Mud Kitchen we have made in the past

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