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Montessori Activities: Blindfold Matching


Prep time: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Cost: Home-based objects

Mess level: Medium

What you need

Blindfold of some sorts

Clear transparent balloons (Caution! If latex-allergy)

Bowls for each item

Cupboard items: (to fill each balloon)

Lentils,Oats, Quinoa,Chickpeas,Cerail,etc...


Place the various cupboard items into each balloon and place them next to the item.

Place the blindfold on your little one and invite them to feel a single balloon, offer a second balloon to explain through the tactile sense of the other hand. So, a child feels that it is not a match, invite them to place that balloon to which others are compared to. If the child feels that it is not a match, invite to place that balloon to the side and pick with the empty hand the next balloon ball, until the child finds a match.


With a blindfold on, the hand becomes the tool of the brain. Using their hands to ‘see' the features of the material, the children are able to build on an abstract picture of the material they have built-in their mind during their previous experience and use it, in order to complete the activity

Here you are focusing on just one sense so that a child can focus entirely on that sense without the distraction from other senses. A blindfold will isolate JUST the tactile sense, by eliminating VISUAL assistance!


Make sure the balloons are not colorful as this might distract a child visually.

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