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Montessori Activities: Land, Water, Air Cards


Prep time: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Estimated Cost: Home-based objects

Mess level: Medium

What you need

Three empty jars

A small pitcher of water

A bowl of soil with a scooper

Blue food coloring (optional)

Land, water, air cards


Place the various items on a tray and place an empty jar in front of each card. Ask your child what goes in each jar to match the card.

After you have all three jars ready demonstrate the sorting of the other cards and allow your child to finish the rest. Once the sorting process is complete, they can check their work for mistakes.


This is a classic Geography lesson setup you will see in the Montessori classroom. It is a fun, hands-on Geography lesson that will help the child understand the concept of land, water, and air.

This activity also prompts activate problem-solving skills - thinking about what needs to go where.

How to Adapt:

Introduce a sandpaper Globe which helps the child to develop a concept of the shape of the earth, and gain an understanding of the distribution of land and water over the earth, the child is ready to work with Land, Water, and Air activity.

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