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Montessori Activities: Nesting Objects


Prep time: Zero

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Estimated Cost: 80 AED

Mess level: Non

What you need

A nesting toy

*I have a selection of different shapes and sized on Mumz and Munhckinz


Simple give to your child and see what they do with it. You can module behaviors if they are young and don't understand


The best toy for this activity is a set of nesting dolls, but you can also use different size boxes and hide one inside the other.


Your toddler will enjoy assembling and disassembling them, shaking them, taking them apart, trying to assemble them, carrying them around the house, and pointing to their eyes, mouth, and nose, etc.

Nesting dolls can be introduced at a very young age and even though they might not be able to assemble the toy, they can get a basic understanding of concepts, and it’s just a great wooden toy to have around.

Good to know:

A set of nesting cups or a set of measuring cups also works well.

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