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Montessori Activities: Open/Close


Prep time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Estimated Cost: All home-based objects

Mess level: Non

What you need

Different kind of item that can be open and close.

Ideas include:

  • Tins

  • Purses

  • Containers

  • Small boxes

  • Zips

  • Books

  • Tupperware


Have a look around your home and use what you can find. Gather the items and play in a basket or tray, you can also put a little treasure inside a container and ask the child to find it.


Very similar to the above - This activity provides children with the opportunity to use their developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, and cognitive skills.

These skills benefit the children as they become more independent and develop their sense of self and capabilities.

The learning objectives for this activity are fine motor development, problem-solving, cause and effect, as well as receptive and expressive language.

Good to know:

Children discover that not every object opens the same way, which leads them to problem solve. They are also presented with the idea of cause and effect. Through trial and error as well as repetition, children discover that different actions result in different outcomes.

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