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Montessori Activities:Play Dough Stamping


Prep time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Estimated Cost: Various

Mess Level: High

What you need

  • Stamp

  • Play dough

  • Any other tools/items/nature you want to add


Same as above simply place all the play-dough and stamps on a tray and just observe as your little one explore.


Continuing on with the above - stamps are a great addition to play dough play.

Here are some additional benefits of play-dough:

  • It develops fine motor skills. ...

  • It's calming for children. ...

  • It encourages creativity. ...

  • It enhances hand-eye coordination. ...

  • It improves social skills. ...

  • It supports literacy and numeracy.

  • It promotes playtime.

Good to know:

We sell some amazing beautiful wooden handmade stamps online!

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