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Six Simple Ideas for Playing with Slime

Did you know that playing with slime has a calming influence on your child - and maybe you as a stressed mother! It also promotes independent playtime and helps children to focus. It is definitely the go-to play of the moment.

Here are some different ways that slime can be played with

1) Add items

Animals, leaves, pom poms... anything...

2) Mix

Items you can mix the slime with: beads, glitter, stars, pom poms, different types of slime and food, ie rice, pasta, and dry beans etc.

3) Blow bubbles

Flatten the slime and insert a straw and blow to create bubbles

4) Pull, poke, twist and bend

Slime is such a great sensory texture just let them have fun playing with it

4) Make Mini Monsters

Add eyes to make some fun mini monsters

6) Sensory Play

Saving the best for last - this is without a doubt my favorite way to play with slime. Create mini worlds and let your child role play

You can make your own slime or if you dont have time you can buy online:

Rainlow slime set - Here

Mix your own slime set - Here

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