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The Best Teepee Bed Designs you will LOVE

Teepee beds are not just practical but kids love them and they also provide that "Instagramable" shot!

When it comes to the designs of the frame the options are endless. Over the last few years, we have designed many different shapes depending on budget, age of the child, and usage.

With so many different designs I thought I would share with you our top inquiries and explain how each one is slightly different and why it might suit your needs.

Basic Teepee Frames

Natural Teepee frame resting on the floor

A super cost-effective bed with prices starting from just 499 AED.

Natural Teepee frame on legs

The classic simple design but with the mattress lifted slightly from the ground - you can also use the space under the bed for storage. In this image, you can see that the bed works really well as a day bed.

Painting the bed a solid colour and adapting the angle can really make it a real feature in the room

Teepee frame with rails

The perfect first-time toddler bed - The rails will stop toddlers rolling out and can be custom built to any size. We can also add a gate where the opening is to keep little ones escaping.

The same design can be done with the frame lifted off the floor

Teepee frame with rails and drawers

If you are short on storage then these designs are just perfect

Drawers can be used for storage or as a pull out trundle bed

Twin Teepee frame with side rails

Below you can see the rails here are a slightly different design - vertical as opposed to horizontal.

Teepee bed Frames with covers with Fabric

Adding fabric over the bed frame can transform the bed and make the bed more of a feature - it also makes for a great hid out den. Another great practicality of the fabric covers over the Teepee frame is that it can protect ur little one from any AC draft if their bed happens to lie directly under a vent.

Tent link frame and fabric

These designs are perfect for sleepovers and play, they are easy to fold and lightweight and perfect for the garden, providing shade and a fun space to play. We would not suggest this as a bed.

Work with one of our talented 3rd parties to create something truly beautiful

Teepee frame with Sides Enclosed and fabric

This clever design means you can quickly and easily pull the fabric along to where you want it depending on how enclosed you want the bed to be

Teepee frame with a solid side and side cover

A creative adaption adding fabric to just one side of the frame, perfect for little ones.

Teepee frame with full canvas cover

This full canvas cover can be pulled down at night and make great hid outs and dens.

Basic Wigman style frame with Canvas

You can also opt for the traditional wigman structure and tent design

Teepee Cuby Houses

Finally, if you search Teepee beds on Pinterest you will also see more elaborate designs as well - obviously they cost slight more but look great. Perfect for creating themed rooms and adding that real wow factor.

Teepee Frame Half Enclosed

A more cost-effective way to create a cubby house type look and feel

Cubby style Teepee frame with Tent Opening

Made from wood and MDF (for the panels) this design has it all! Sure to be a great hit with little ones. The bottom drawer is used for a second pull out mattress but it can also be adapted into individual drawers or removed altogether to keep costs down.

Saving the best for last - this is my favorite. A similar design to the above but the colour has been changed and there is no tent opening.

Mumz and Munchkinz can custom made any design for you. You can call Hannah direct on: (+971) 0552866910.

Follow us on Instagram to see more of our designs and work @MumzandMunhckinz

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