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Ball pits


Prep time: 0 minutes

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Estimated Cost: 699 AED

Mess level: Medium

What you need

Ball pit with balls

How to use:

Activities for Infants - a fun way to introduce tummy time.

Activities for toddlers - hiding, jumping and throwing.


When you are in a rush to tidy up just throw all their toys in ball pit! It works as an excellent place to store teddies and all sorts of toys.

Good to know

All my ball pits are custom made so you can order in any shape, size and colour.


Playing in a ball pit allows the children to strengthen their muscles. Throwing and rolling the balls supports their fine motor development and eye-hand coordination. Ball pits are also a great activity for sensory play. As the infants move through the balls, it provides them with an experience that feels calming. Other therapeutic benefits include opportunities to practice mindfulness and relaxation.

Ways to adapt:

  • Play hid and seek with objects inside

  • Play along with a slide and let them enjoy sliding in.

  • Turning the ball pit upside down makes for a great hiding spot.

  • Turning the ball pit upside also turns it into a mini trampoline.

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