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Montessori Activities: Cooking/food prep Cont...


Prep time: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Estimated Cost: Home-based objects

Mess level: Medium

Ideas on what to make

Spreading cheese on crackers/English muffins/bagels.

  • Baking bread/muffins/scones.

  • Slicing fruit (apples, bananas, melon)

  • Peeling & slicing hard-boiled eggs.

  • Squeezing citrus to make juice or flavored water.

  • Making guacamole.

  • Sorting fruit.

  • Slicing cheese.


Their are 100s of different things a child can help you with the kitchen - if you would like more details on this please get in touch.

Good to know:

Montessori classroom prepare food as part of their daily routine and use real glasses, silverware, cloth napkins, and plates.


Food preparation activities for children, especially between the ages of 0-3 years, are not only fun to do and observe, but they are also so important for a young child’s development.

Food preparation activities allow a child to

  • Feel a sense of belonging to their community

  • Support the development of their coordinated movements

  • Learn to care for themselves.

Kitchen play-sets and pretend food can be fun, but they don’t offer nearly the learning benefits that cooking with real food does. Giving a child the opportunity to understand and engage in the process of preparing a meal is so an important Montessori practice.

Cooking with real food allows a child to understand where food comes from.

Sensorial education helps a child understand food and where it comes from. Additionally, these activities are opportunities for language development.

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