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Custom Made House Bed Covers

Our house bed is one of our best sellers and we often have customers requesting canopies so they can complete the look and add that extra element of fun and wow factor. They are also very practical when it comes to protecting your little one from fierce AC blasts if the bed sits under a vent.

Here are a few examples of all the different types of custom made covers.

1) Hanging Canopy

These can come in any color and can also be used independently as a play tent or reading nook. They are simply attached to the ceiling and hang down.

2) Draped fabric

This is a simple design that looks beautiful and again can come in any color and fabric style. The fabric is secured in place with various ties at the top and side of the bed.

3) Tent/Full Cover

These are slightly more expensive as they are more complex and require more material and labour but they look amazing and kids love them! Any design can be achieved as you can see below. I personally prefer the last two with the ties so your little one can choose to have it open it or closed. I also love the windows it really completes the house look.

4) Tent/Half Cover

These are similar to the above but just half covers

5) Roof Cover

Here the design is just covering the roof so more cost-effective. The fabric is fastened with velcro so can also be easily removed and washed if needed

To get a quote simply share the size of your bed with the required image to or Whatsapp to 055 286 6910

Detail to purchase the bed frame below:

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