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Eight Ways To Use a Balance Board

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A balance board is not only an amazing toy for children but did you know it can also be used by adults to improve balance and help strengthen core and lower body?

The Board itself can be described as an arched structure as shown in the picture below and is usually made out of wood and comes in different sizes.

Here are my top 5 favorite Balance boards:

See my full collection of Balance boards online here - prices vary depending on the size, brand, and wood used.

Once you have your Balance Board here are some ideas as to how your child will have lots of fun and at the same time learn and improve the art of balancing which is a very important skill!

1. Rocking Side to Side:

This action can be performed to music or simply spend time going from side to side.

2. As a Slide:

Turn the Balance Board upside down, place it on a higher surface and use it as a slide. This can be used by your child or their toys for example mine love rolling their cars and dolls down.

3. As a chair:

My favorite - as a place for your child to relax and chill out in their own space.

4. As a Structure:

Use as part of playtime either way up. This can become a road, a bridge, a tunnel or anything a child can imagine.

5. Play with a Friend:

Everything is so much nicer shared.

These boards are very sturdy and will allow two chums to play alongside each other.

6. Gymnastics:

For the more adventurous of children, the Board creates confidence in movement and precision balancing skills.

7. Use as a Table:

Turn the Balance Board upside down and you have a very different activity table - perfect for that little mid-day snack or breakfast in bed.

8. Finally for you:

Let's not forget Mum (or Dad) as these Boards make an excellent piece of equipment in any fitness regime.

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