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Link Laughter to Learning with TicTacToe

Now more than ever, because of Corvid 19, it is so important to make up for the missing school time our children have and are still experiencing - this selection of games from TicTacToe is a brilliant way of continuing the teaching at home and at the same time having lots of fun.

Spin a Story - Card Game

The ultimate way to build up your child's vocabulary and storytelling abilities in a fun, cool way

The deck contains 90 picturesque and attractive story cards for kids and adults to weave magical stories in different genres and to serve as a fun educational activity to make your child a master storyteller.

Create your own stories with the help of the story cards and your little ones do all the talking! The ultimate way to build up your child’s vocabulary and storytelling abilities in a fun, cool way.

Wondering how to use the story cards?

So, the 90 picturesque are divided into 3 sections which are “WHO” “WHAT” AND “WHERE”.

Let your kids mix and match the characters with the associated item and the location and tell tall tales as you sit back and have a laugh at the stories they concoct!

Key Skills –

Language Development

Oral Fluency & Purposeful Discussion

Enhancement of Identification

Development of perception

Development of Creativity and Imagination

Memory Skills.

Age: 1 - 10 Years

Hop around the World

Includes a set of cards with country names, animals and other famous things from the world written on it. Other set of cards specifies left/right arm, left/right leg.

Read out a country name from one card and call out the arm/leg from the other card (e.g. right leg, India), and the child has to place the specified arm/leg on the correct location. It is a lot like the Twister

USE ON WALL: Hang up on the wall for teaching and learning at home or classrooms

Colourful, Monuments, Animals, and famous places beautifully drawn and illustrated on the map

Lettuce Play - Board Game

Build visual observation skills, memory & creativity

A fun matching and memory game with a twist.

Start with simple picture matching and move to memory.

Race to be the Star chef by collecting all the ingredients for your dishes and be the first to shout ?Lettuce Play.?

The box has more creative game plays to add a further dash of fun and learning.

Let the little chefs get creative in a contest of 'Most creative chef' or grow your memory cells in

exciting game of 'Chef's Super Memory.'

Contains: 4 Kitchen Boards + 16 Dish tokens + 64 ingredient tokens + 1 cloth bag + 1 recipe book + 1 marker.

Storyville - Set of 5 Books

Get your child to comprehend everyday concepts in a fun way!

This set of 5 books enables young learners to learn about people, places, and activities in a vibrant city.

The characters in the book are school going friends and the stories in the book are based on the community around the kids, with important values as a key takeaway.

Contents: Set of 5 books

Age Group: 1 year +,

Key Skills: Language Development, Creativity and Imagination, Vocabulary.

Tidy Up - Board Game

Game 1: Race to Tidy Up Join the Rats as they move from room to room. Roll the die and sneak through the matching coloured windows and the doors, putting things in their place. The 1st player to put things back in the room where they belong wins the game.

Game 2: Tidy Up together We see something, out of place. It does not belong there. So let us see where? A cooperative game where both the mice move around the house working together to bring things back to the rooms in which they belong. Bonus Play: A-Z Around the house Roll the die and move from room to room naming objects from A-Z in sequence. Take turns alternating and building up the chain. See how far you can go without breaking the chain. Pay attention to the details in the illustrations. Age: 3 - 5 Years

If you have enjoyed reading about these different fun games with a certain twist please visit their brand page here and see all the other unique games from TicTacToe. I am sure you will find one to specifically suit your family. Have fun!!

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