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Montessori Activities: Colour Sorting/Finding


Prep time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Estimated Cost: All home-based objects

Mess level: Non

What you need

Any item that will match together


Use some coloured card, coloured bowls or coloured felt and find objects around your home that match that colour.

If you don't have coloured card or felt, you can paint some paper.

You can present this in a basket or tray for your child to use or you can go on a colour scavenger hunt and find the items to colour match with the child. "Let's go find some red things", "Let's see if we can find anything green."

Good to know

On Mumz and Munchkinz I sell some beautiful wooden coloured bowls and matching colour sets.


Sorting objects, matching shapes, colours and then pictures helps build visual perception and thinking skills. Children can generally sort into colours before they can identify the name of the colours. Learning to categories and classify helps memory skills.

How to adapt:

Describe a colour you see and ask your toddler to identify it over and over again on different objects. Start with the primary colours: red, blue and yellow. Add these bright colours to bedroom walls and pick toys in these hues. Then, introduce secondary colours such as violet, orange and green to your kid.

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