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Montessori Activities: Monochrome Color Tray


Prep time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Estimated Cost: All home-based objects

Mess level: Non

What you need

Collect objects of different texture and size.

Some ideas are:

Ribbons, Kitchen items, Duplo blocks,Books,Construction paper,

Thread rolls,Toys,Balls,Large straws,Plastic cups.

Ways to adapt

Experiment with different colours, shapes and textures


Sensory trays or bins are great ways for a toddler to interact with objects and learn about them. They can be categorized by color, shape, texture, purpose, theme. In order to get your toddler familiarized with colors, Maria Montessori recommends to start introducing primary colors first: yellow, red, and blue, then add secondary colors: green, purple, and orange. Look for any objects in your house of the same color that could be interesting to your toddler but safe to play.


Development of the concept of color, sensory, discovery, and motor skills.

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