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Montessori Activities: Play Dough Tray


Prep time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Estimated Cost: Various

Mess level: High

What you need

  • Play Dough

  • Animals

  • Trees

  • Wooden loose parts

  • Add some tools like household objects including a small butter knife, crinkle cutter, children's scissors, blunt fork, a potato masher or garlic crusher for example

  • You can also add some simple things from nature like sticks, leaves seedpods for the child to work with.


Simple place all the object on a tray and let your little one explore.


A simple playdough activity can improve a child's attention span, sense of order, independence, creativity, sensory refinement, and coordination.

Playdough isn't necessarily a Montessori activity but I would encourage all families to give it a go-to to help build hand strength and coordination.

Playdough is just a really fun sensory experience for kids. It's good for creativity, muscle strength, and fine motor skills too.


If you are looking for homemade you can order online or request our secrete taste safe receipt! This is perfect if you have little ones that are putting everything in their mouth.

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