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Montessori Activities: Washing Dolls


Prep time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Cost: Various

Mess level: High

What you Need

  • Doll

  • soap

  • Container

  • Towel

  • Baby powder

  • Sponge

  • Brush


  • Put on an apron.

  • Take bowl and fill with water

  • Undress doll.

  • Fold used clothes and diaper. Place on shelf underneath the “changing table.”

  • Place doll in bathtub.

  • Add 2 squirts of baby wash.

  • Wash doll with wash cloth.

  • Put one squirt of baby shampoo in hand.

  • Wash and rinse doll’s hair.

  • Finish washing doll.

  • Place doll on towel spread out on changing table.

  • Dry doll

  • Put a squirt of baby lotion on hand and spread on doll.

  • Put diaper on doll.

  • Put clothes on doll.

  • Wrap doll in blanket.

  • Put doll back in original place or in doll bed. (A doll bassinet would be great for this if you have one.)

  • Empty doll bathtub into water recycling bucket or sink.

  • Dry bathtub with sponge.

  • Wring out washcloth and lay out to dry (or hang on a clothesline).

  • Straighten materials on changing table.

  • Straighten materials on baby bath table.

  • Fold or hang up apron. (We hang ours on a hook.)


A toy wash activity is soothing and relaxing, and there's plenty of opportunity for imaginative play while the children wash, scrub and dry the toys. It's a wonderful activity when we're cooped up indoors.

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