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Mumz & Munchkinz in my Home

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Its safe to say my kids are spoilt!

Having my own carpenter means they get of lot of things we otherwise wouldn't be able to afford or have the time to source but what with this being my business I can pretty much get them made whatever I want!

In their bedroom we have amazing twin montessori beds, cute house shaped storage unit, matching bunny table and chairs set, wooden dressing up rails and book storage and more to come....

For the girls play areas we have two (yes I said they where spoilt!) Upstairs they have a house den, dolls house, rocking house, dolls prams and chalkboard or specially made by our talented carpenter and I also added our storage units and various shelves so I had places to put all their toys. For the downstairs play area they have a large market place/walk in shop, kitchen, table set, toy box and more storage solutions.

Then moving outside we have a mud kitchen, painting easel, teepee and play area.

Finally we have x2 woken stair gates that I love as they are solve a solution but also look lovely.

Im sure I will be adding to this post very soon as I have a lot of items on my radar. Whats on yours?

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