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The Best 8 Toys to Keep your Munchkinz Entertained when going outside isn't an option.

Finally, the weather is getting better again and winter is here. I am loving taking the kids out and play in the garden and pack. Trying to entertain kids in the Dubai Summer was challenging and not really fun at all! Normally we would escape for a while but COVID had made other plans for us!

Having survived with the only entertainment being indoors I thought I would put together a post highlighting our favorite toys we have been using during the Summer (and also while in Lockdown) to share with you.

1) Wooden Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame with Double Ramp


  • Designed to enhance your children's motor skill development, balance control, creativity, and so much more!

  • These climbing frames grow with your little one and are made for children ages 6 months to 5+ years.

  • These beautiful and functional climbing Triangles were originally designed by Dr. Emmi Pikler,( 1902 – 1984), she studied medicine and pediatrics in Vienna during 1920.

  • Emmi Pikler was already convinced that a child who is allowed to move freely and without restriction is more careful and learns how to fall safely, whereas a child who is overly protected and whose movements are restricted puts him/herself in more danger because he/she has not experimented his/her own capacities and limits.

Price starts from 799.00 AED

Buy Wooden Pikler Triangle Climbing Frame here

2) Wooden Slide


  • Make your child's playroom the ultimate play-space with this Wooden Indoor Slide. Constructed from solid wood, this slide can be enjoyed outside in dry weather and also indoors.

  • To make this slide even more fun why not add it to one of our beautiful ball pits - your little one will love sliding into a pit of balls.

Price starting from 799 AED

Buy Wooden Slide here

3) Wobbel: Original - Clear Lacquer


  • Wobbel Board balance board. A curved beechwood boardwith an unlimited number of uses! The Dutch designed and made toy that invites curiosity and moves the young and old! Wobbel Boards aid balance, strength, motor skill development and co-ordination as well as insipring curious little minds to be creative with the board ad their playtime!

Price starting from 546 AED

Buy Wobbel: Original - Clear Lacquer here

4) Wooden Boho Children's Swing - Grey or Pink


  • A swing is a toy for years. A great gift for a boy or a girl. And a unique decoration for every child's room.

  • The swing is hung on a braided 100% cotton line which can be adjusted as needed. We also provided rope protectors to safeguard children's hands from abrasion.

  • The seat is covered with a slightly quilted material attached to a swing with strong velcro straps, which makes it very easy to keep the seat clean - mashine wash. And when you get bored with the colour of the swing you can change the seat to another one.

  • Every child loves to play on a swing. This wooden masterpiece is beautifully handmade and an absolute classic.

  • The solid pine seat is supported by strong poly hemp ropes that are designed for users with a maximum weight of 18 stone (115kg).

  • The ropes are fully adjustable to get the seat at just the right height. This traditional tree swing is not only attractive but comfortable and will provide hours of fun for all children.

Price starting from 490 AED

Buy Wooden Boho Children's Swing - Grey or Pink here

5) Large Wooden Stepped Pyramid


  • The 100 blocks of this building set with lengths ranging from 4 - 20 cm are ideal for so many creations. You can build up walls, towers, houses with furniture, castles and so much more.

  • This set make ideal room »decor« as it invites everyone to play and is a wonderful complement to all of our building sets.

  • By building and playing with these blocks, children develop fine motor skills and spatial thinking skills.

  • 100 building blocks in a wooden frame.

  • Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish.

  • Warning! CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3yrs.

Price starting from 699 AED

Buy Large Wooden Stepped Pyramid here

6) Metropolis - 110-Piece Set


  • NEW Magna-Tiles® Metropolis contains brighter colours and tiles in motion. From a busy high-rise metropolis to a thriving colony on space, there’s no stopping your imagination with this set!

  • 110 translucent, colourful shapes including squares (2 large, 56 small) and triangles (12 equilateral, 12 right, 10 isosceles)

  • Sparks hours of imaginative free play in children. Anything they can dream, they can create!

  • Develops maths, science, spatial and tactile skills. STEM approved!

  • Safe, durable tiles made with food-grade ABS (BPA FREE) plastic free of phthalates and latex

  • Ages 3 upwards

  • Magna-Tiles® are the original 3D magnetic building tiles by Valtech since 1997.

  • All Magna-Tiles® building sets are compatible. Tag your photos on social media with #magnatiles to be featured!

  • Includes:

Price starting from 579 AED

Buy Metropolis - 110-Piece Set here

7) Olli Ella: Strolley - Rose


Olli Ella are the designers of chic and timeless products taking over playrooms! Olli Ella products are made using only natural materials, sourced sustainably, with a focus on craftsmanship and ethical production. The Strolley is designed for children of a walking age. The Strolley can be used as a walker, a storage basket or dolls pram. The Strolley hood moves position depending on what you're using it for!

Price starting from 535 AED

Buy Olli Ella: Strolley - Rose here

8) King of the Road - Rubber Road Map


  • If you want to be King of the Road, this is your set! It contains no less than 40 parts for maximum fun for everyone. This set is big and is highly recommended for kids that really love to play with cars but also for use at schools and daycare centers.

  • Flexible, durable road toy, 648cm length

  • 16 curves, 16 straights, 4 intersections and 4 roundabouts

  • Expand your road by purchasing additional sets later

  • Can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside

  • Easy to connect parts

  • Encourages imaginative play

  • Great to combine with other toys

Price starting from 499 AED

Buy King of the Road - Rubber Road Map here

My main goal, of course, trying to keep my little one's actives, so you can see the first few toys all focus on movement. The other toys I found where great for their development and also toys that both me and my husband also enjoyed playing with. :)

For reference my children at the time of this post where 3.5 years old so all these toys are age-appropriate

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