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DIY Home Sensory Activity: Water Beads

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


Prep time: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Cost: 30 AED

Mess level: Medium

Best age: 3 plus

What you need:

  • Water beads

  • Sea animal toys

  • Container

  • Any tools


Water beads are so simple, you just add water to see them transform and grow. All kids love to play with them, they are colorful, shiny, and feels so nice while touching. Place the water beads in a large bin and let your toddlers explore them. Add some sea animal toys as well. They can scoop them, sort them based on colors, freeze them, and smash with a hammer and making sensory bags of water beads.


They are soft, squishy and smooth to touch. They are perfect for promote learning and development in areas such as fine motor, coordination, exploration, colours, sensory, and creativity. Water beads also introduce children to scientific and mathematical concepts such as absorption.

Ways to adapt:

There are so many different ways to play with water beads:

  • Add shaving cream

  • Placing the beads in cookie cutters

  • Add into balloons

  • Mix with slime

  • Feeze and smash

  • Create mini world sensory (see separate sheet on mini-world play)


water beads can be dried out and used over and over again and you can buy small or large sizes


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