Rainbow Rice Easter Egg Sensory Play Set (Mega)

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A beautiful fun Easter themed sensory set that will allow for hours of play.

Kits Contains the following

  1. x5 individual rainbow rice bags
  2. x5 chics
  3. x5 magnetic butterflys
  4. x5 acorns
  5. x5 plastic eggs that can be opened
  6. x5 silicon/reusable cupcake holders
  7. x10 pom poms
  8. Wooden tweezers
  9. Wooden spoon
  10. Rattan round pot/try


  • Colours might change slightly

Ideas/suggestions on how you can play with this sensory activity

  • Open the rice bags and add to try/bowl to make a rainbow
  • Enjoy mixing the rice
  • Hid the objects in the rice and extract them with a spoon or tweezers. You can start with the chics/butterflies that are much easier and then make the activity more challenging by hiding the small pom poms. Make sure to count the objects as hiding and extracting to build their skills.
  • Use the pom-poms and rice to decorate cut out paper/card Easter eggs
  • Write a number of each egg and get your child to match with the number of pom-poms/any object
  • Colour sorting

The best thing about these kits is how open-ended they are - there really is no right or wrong and the sky is the limit.

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