Mother with her Child


Created by a mum for mums

For mums who want things to be stylish and chic. For mums that need excellent customer service. For mums looks for the very best for thier Munhckinz! A boutique brand selling beautiful items handpicked by mums. After all, mums know what mums need. 

Mother Baby Bonding



We are all about being genuine and fully understand and get mums- we are mums! The website has been created by a mum, all products are designed by a mum, all dresses modeled by a mum and all the 3rd party brands and services are run by mums.


Hannah Pierce

The concept has been created by a mum of twins who during and after pregnancy struggled to find what she was wanted. So she created Mumz & Munchkinz a one-stop-shop and lifestyle brand for busy modern-day mums.


Homegrown in Dubai

Most of our core products are hand made here in Dubai. This allows the majority of our items to be customized and personalized so if you are looking for something unique, something you can't find anywhere else get in touch for an on the spot price quote.

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