Room Consulations

Are you expecting your first child and don't know where to begin, or have another on the way and just don't have the time or making you have just discovered Montessori and looking to redesign your current space but don't know how or where to source the specific furniture? Then you have come to the right place.  


Stage 1 - Consulation

I will start by share a 1hour zoom call and quick questionnaire to fully understand your needs


Stage 2 - Planning

I will then create a presentation based on our call suggestion colour pallets, furniture and home decor. 


Sage 3 - Revions

I will then share the presentation with you and based on your feedback make additional amends.


Stage 4 - Sourcing

I take all the stress, time and effort out of shopping and source it all for you and delivery on same day. 

Image by Paige Cody

Stage 5 - Process

Access to a wide range of supplier and even custom made furniture with prices for all budgets.


Stage 6 - Complition

I will guide you on where everything should go and can also assist with any installation or refurb.