I always knew I wanted to go back to work after having children but still wanted to be a part of my girls life. Part time work does not exist in Dubai and I didn't want to go back to management/ corporate working hours and never see my girls so starting my own business was the only option.

Hi my name is Hannah and here is the personal stuff: British born, 35, married in 2016 with identical twins girls: Isabelle and Lilyanne, born in 2017. I have lived in Dubai for 9 years and when we got pregnant moved to the suburbs and stated villa life! We have no family here to help but I have an amazing nanny and supportive husband which is really the only way this business could have happened.


My professional background is Marketing, in the fashion and retail sector. I graduated from my marketing degree in Newcastle in 2008  (too many years ago!) worked in the UK, South Africa and Dubai.


When it came to returning to work after the birth of my girls my role at work had changed and I took the decision to leave and focus all my extra time on my blog: Mode Devoted, which I have had since 2010 (I have now rebranded as my own clothes label) While I got enjoyment from this after a year, my girls are now one, I decided I needed more so after more than 6 months of planning Mumz & Munchkinz was born in October 2018.

In a nutshell, the launch of Mumz and Munchkinz was 100% organic and derived by my own needs - it solved a lot of issues and gaps in the market I faced and identified as a mum.  The result is now a website full of chic beautiful products and services for busy modern-day mumz! 


My collection of Dresses: When I was pregnant I discovered a potential gap in the market – fashionable clothes for pregnant mums at affordable prices. I resented paying 500 AED plus for something that I wasn't going to wear again so I ended up just shopping in cheap high street brands but never thought they fit me well.   After my girls were born I still found it difficult to dress - struggling to find dresses that were compatible with breastfeeding and expressing! Fashion has always been my passion so I thought why not create my own - so I did! 

My Babygrows: 6 months on from delivering the girls I was gifted a pair of babygrows with zips and to say this changed my life (at the time) isn't too much of an exaggeration! Why on earth are all the babygrows I saw with poppers? Surely I was not the only one that huffed and puffed (and swore under my breath) at 3am in the morning to fasten them! So I imported a range of beautiful zip babygrows and practical kids fashion. 

My Home Decor Range:  When it came to buying baby "stuff" I am not a big fan of my living room looking like the rainbow had just spewed everywhere but I couldn't find anything that complemented my decor and looked nice in our home! So I source "Instagramable" home decor from suppliers around the world.


My Furniture Range: To take the above even further the next stage was to hire a team of carpenters to make exceptionally crafted, custom made woodwork that would fit into the home.

My Playtime Selection: It was a natural progression to take custom made furniture and also make beautiful wooden toys

My Gifting Range: The best gifts I received throughout my pregnancy and to current day have been personalized so once the idea of a one-stop website was born I knew I wanted to add this as a key section. 

Finally the Services I offer and 3rd parties I work with: Getting out the house can be hard for a mum and if I had the choice I probably wouldn't bother so it was obvious this would the final section of my website.

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