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For Educators

I am absolutely passionate about early years children's education and creating a supportive environment that fosters curiosity and independence. Qualified as a teacher, mum of twins, years of learning and experience I would love to work with you.  

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Sensory Play

I can offer private or school setting sensory classes. I will bring all the equipment needed for a 45 minute non-stop fun and exploration. Classes focus on exploring the senses and developing core fine and gross motor skills.

Pastel Pink Periwinkle and White Salons

Learning Equpimnet 

I can offer various home school or nursery packages that focus on learning. Packages include fash cards of all variety, playdough mats focusing o literacy and numeracy. The focus is making learning fun.  



Maybe you are looking for a little guide on how to adopt a curiosity approach in your home, a guide to the best type of toys, supporting your nanny playing with your children - I can help. 

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