Rice Farm Sensory Kit

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A fun farm role play sensory set that will allow for hours of play.

Kit Contains the following:

  1. x12 individual farm animals
  2. Large sheet of Astroturf
  3. Large bag of green rice ie grass
  4. Small bag of brown rice ie mud
  5. Small bag of blue rice ie water
  6. Small bag of rocks
  7. Trees and grass
  8. Fence set
  9. Sticks and wood cuttings
  10. Plastic rocks
  11. Spoon
  12. Large wooden tweezers


  • tray not included but can be brought separately

Ideas/suggestions on how you can play with this sensory activity

  • Set up the farm in a tray/bowl with the green rice and objects and let their imagination take over
  • Do a new set up the farm on the astroturf and all objects
  • Hid objects in the rice tray/bowl for them to find
  • Use the tweezers to see what other objects they can pick up

The great thing about these kits is that the activities can be used again and again and each time the setup can be different. As these kits are open-ended there really is no right or wrong and the sky is the limit.

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