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My Children Playing with their Climbing Frame

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

I always receive lots of questions from customers asking what is the difference between the standard and large size and also how little ones can play with these climbing frames. So I have created this blog post to answers these questions and to share some images of my munchkins playing with them.

The Difference Between the Small and Large Climbing Frame

I have photographed these side by side so you can see the visual difference in height and width. The larger size is substantially bigger.

The Small - 70 cm tall - recommended from 6 months onwards

The Large - 90cm tall - recommended for 3 years plus

My girls used the smaller climbing frame from about 6 months old - they used it to pull themself up and stand and then later climb. After about 2 and a half, they started to gravitate more to the larger frame which is more challenging.

How can these climbing frames be use

These climbing frames are not just for active play, they have so many different ways to be used. Our favorite is connecting one side of the ramp to a ladder/rung on the climbing frame and then finding another surface to balance the other side - they will then walk across and use it as a long obstacle course. I also find myself lying under their quite having been requested to be a troll! (Side note do not take any offense to this)

We also use the ramp, as explained above, as a table and the girls will eat their dinner there, play at tea parties and shops.

1. Imaginary play

Additional play from the above includes using the ramps as a slide for dolls and teddies, a road for cars, building on, a bridge over a fast-flowing river with lots of fish to fish from... and so much more.

2. Dens

Kids loving nothing more than creating dens and all you need to do to is simply throw a sheet over the frame and they have an instant hideout and den (that won't take hours to tidy)

3. Active Play

4. Outside

When the weather allows it these frames are the percent addition to any garden, whether it's just playing outside or using as a slide into a pool or paddling pool. They are light enough to be easily moved from inside and out and any room of the house.


We have the option to have these painted and can do so in almost any color - please do make your request via custom motes wheat check out.

To finish with

The great thing about these climbing frames is that they are durable and will last for years, they are an investment as your little ones will continue to use them while they grow and brothers and sisters can also join in and play.

Additional points to highlight:

- Foldable

- They come assembled

- If the natural option is chosen, gloss is included to seal them

- The weight limit is 80 - 100kg

- They have a built-in safety mechanism which means that no matter how much weight can be applied from the top they will not collapse

Buy online here

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This is great - thank you! What size would you recommend for 6 month and 4 year old siblings? Would the big one be too big for my littlest one?

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