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Overjoyed to be Working with Olli Ella

Yes, as the title suggests I am overjoyed to be working with Olli Ella and now I am overwhelmed trying to select a few of my favourite products to list below - I love them all - ranging from the famous Holdie folk to a fabulous range of clothing.

Olli Ellla was started by two sisters who dreamed of creating something magical together and they certainly achieved their dream with their collection which uses natural materials, sourced sustainably, and their focus is on craftsmanship and ethical production.

They believe that the desire to store, tidy, transport, and explore transcends cultures and generations and this understanding is the starting point for all their designs.

What I also love is their moral spirit - we have all heard about the devastating fires that have swept through Australia - Olli Ella has auctioned their sample products and the proceeds have gone directly to relief initiatives. This is the sort of company you are proud to do business with.

Introducing the Holdie Fold

Welcome to the Holdie World; the wonderful realm of imaginative play for little ones.

Here you'll find the Holdie Folk, the tiny inhabitants of Holdie Land, along with all the special things that exist in Holdie World, like the beloved Holdie Houses and stylish Holdie Furniture.

So many characters to choose from to make the perfect family then make them all comfortable using the range of furniture for bedrooms and living rooms - endless options.

Say hello to Holdie Farmer Poppy; the newest resident of Holdie World.

Poppy is a gardener extraordinaire and grows the biggest vegetables in all of Holdie World! She carries her basket everywhere, ready to pick fruit and vegetables for her Holdie Folk friends.

Handmade, fully posable, Poppy is the perfect size to fit in the palm of a small hand or in a pocket.

Farmer Poppy is a special edition, rare and collectible - she comes beautifully packed in a new collectable box. Perfect to give as a gift or for small folk to display at home.

Every home needs furniture right?

These gorgeous handmade miniature furniture sets bring endless hours of fun to our Holdie House.

Watch your children immerse themselves in the joy of role play whilst creating their perfect home!


Olli Ella Strolley - Rose

Olli Ella are the designers of chic and timeless products taking over playrooms! Olli Ella products are made using only natural materials, sourced sustainably, with a focus on craftsmanship and ethical production.

The Strolley is designed for children of a walking age. The Strolley can be used as a walker, a storage basket or dolls pram. The Strolley hood moves position depending on what you're using it for!

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