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Why is Swinging so Great for Children

There is nothing better to hear the laughter of a little one swinging back and forth in a swing

Whether at the park or in the safety of your own home, the steady metronome-like squeak of the swings is a sure sound of childhood contentment. Swings can be both relaxing and exciting for children, creating an inspiring sensation of flying or a thrilling sensation of falling. But swinging on a swing set is more than just fun. This enjoyable activity also has many health and developmental benefits.

Physical Benefits of Swinging

Swinging is the type of activity that helps children develop stronger motor skills. Running and jumping onto swings, pushing other swingers, pumping legs to gain height and jumping out of swings all aid with locomotion, balance and coordination skills.

Swings also gently develop muscle strength and fine motor skills. Balancing on a swing seat can strengthen the core. Holding on to the cord or chain of a swing strengthens grip strength and finger coordination – an essential milestone for children learning to write.

Cognitive Benefits of Swinging

For very young or developmentally challenged children, swinging especially helps with sensory integration. Sensory integration incorporates spatial awareness and inner ear balance. Stimulating the senses through swinging gives the child’s brain practice at organising and interpreting spatial information, providing a foundation for complex learning and behaviour later.

In fact, the rocking motion of swinging stimulates the part of the brain that helps you focus, the cerebral cortex. Research has shown that students are more focused and ready to learn after recess. And the twisting and untwisting of swings or spinning on tire swings stimulates additional areas of the brain that are important pathways for skills like spatial awareness, balance, muscle control and rhythm.

Here are my top Mumz and Munchkinz swings:

When being outside really isn't an option at the moment - I wanted to share with you my top picks for indoor swings, so your little one doesn't not need to miss out on all the fun.

1) Handmade Macrame Baby Swing Hanging Chair - 820 AED

A beautiful Macrame baby swing handmade in Sir Lanka. Shop here

2) Wooden Boho Children's Swing - Grey or Pink - 490 AED

A solid wooden swing with soft cushion and rope handles. Shop here

3) Nordic Style Hammock Swing - 499 AED

This hand-made ethnic style unique hammock will look beautiful in any home. Shop here

4) Delux Boho Chair Hammock - 599 AED

Love Hanging About - What a treat!! Comfortable, stylish hammock suitable for indoors or out. Shop here

5) Children's Sensory Yoga Swing and Hammock - Pink - 455 AED

A beautiful yoga inspired sensory swing. Shop here

6) Baby Swing Hammock Seat Set - Hanging Chair with Cushion - 599 AED

Nordic inspired baby hammock set - seat and cushion come together. Shop here

Not only will these swings provide hours on endless fun they also look beautiful in your home and will complement any room.

These swings are a sure way to entertain your little one, in a fun and safe environment leaving you a bit of time to maybe, just maybe, take 5 minutes and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee!

If you are looking for outdoor swing please do contact us. We can custom make any design and size.

A swing is a toy for years. A great gift for a boy or a girl.

Note: For safety reasons, these swings need to fixed to a concrete ceiling i.e.

a sold ceiling not a plastered ceiling. Any carpenter or handyman will be able to advise you on this.

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