Rattan Children's Chair

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  • Beautiful wicker chairs
  • Made from top grade natural and organic wicker
  • Handmade, eco friendly and sustainable
  • All Moses basket are custom made.

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  • width: 43cm
  • length: 48 cm
  • depth: 52cm

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  • Made from top grade natural cane - long lasting and durable. (Cane is a part of the rattan plant. It is produced by hand peeling off the skin of the rattan vine.)
  • Eco friendly and sustainable - A great way to reduce your carbon footprint is buy purchasing wicker furniture made from natural weaving materials. The fast rate of growth of rattan makes it highly renewable and very environmentally-friendly too!
  • Handmade in Sir Lanka
  • All our wicker toys are custom made.
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Because this item is made to order all the specifications can be adapted, small changes will not affect the price. Should you wish to modify this item further or design your own please contact us for a quote.

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As this item is made to order the lead time can be up to 5 weeks depending on the complexity. Once your order has been placed we will contact you to confirm delivery.

All rattan items are hand made in Sir Lanka and then shipped to Dubai.

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  • We know how busy you are so why waste time and energy assembling furniture and toys – that’s why all our products come stress free and pre-assembled.
  • This product is handmade with 100% from natural cane therefore each item will have their own natural grooves – please do not expect perfection but well-crafted unique items made with love and care.We spend extra time sanding our items for that perfect finish.
  • Measurements might alter slightly as all items are hand made.
  • Additional items shown in the photographs are for ideas only and do not come with this product.

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You can safely put your baby into a Moses basket only if you take the following precautions while using it and only if you're watching your baby at all times.

  • The Bassinet is ready to support a baby up to approx. 18 lb (approx. 8 kg) or until baby starts roll over, push up or crawl.
  • Stop using immediately when any of these limits are met or your baby turns 4 months old.
  • It is STRONGLY prohibited to carry or move a bassinet when your baby is inside. The Baby Basket is NOT intended to be used as a carrier.
  • It should be used stationary on a flat surface.
  • DO NOT place baskets on tables, counters or any other elevated surfaces. Do not place basket near stairs.
  • DO NOT leave infant unattended.
  • While baby is in basket place the handles in an outward facing position
  • DO NOT add any soft objects, toys, pillow, padding, bumper pads or loose bedding to the basket.
  • DO NOT attach toys or place toys with strings or cords in or around the basket to avoid strangulation or choking.
  • DO NOT allow pets and/or other children to climb into the basket while your baby is inside.
  • It is recommended by pediatricians that infants be placed on their backs.
  • New born - 3 months

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